Send logs from Synology DSM to Logstash

It is easy to send and parse Synology DSM logs into Elasticsearch with Logstash.

Configure Logstash

input {
    syslog {
        port => PORT
        type => "RFC3164"
        tags => ["syslog", "synology"]

output {
    if "synology" in [TAGS] {
        elasticsearch {
            hosts => localhost
            index => "synology-%{+YYYY.MM}"

Remember to open PORT TCP/UDP in firewalls. I used 5140 as PORT.

Enable sending logs from Synology DSM to Logstash

Install Log Center from the Packge Center.

From Log Center -> Log Sending – Enable Send logs to a syslog server

  • Server: LOGSTASHIP
  • Port: PORT
  • Transfer protocol: TCP
  • Log format: BSD (RFC 3164)

I prefer TCP but you can also send with UDP.

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