Qubes 4 with Dell XPS 13 9380

I wanted to buy small portable laptop with 1080p screen. I was thinking between Dell XPS 13 9380 and Lenovo T490S.

I have always had Lenovo and wanted to try Dell.

Lenovo T490S is just little bit bigger than Dell XPS 13 9380 and has more ports and faster RAM but also about 20% more expensive. My Dell XPS 13 9380 came with 1 year Dell ProSupport and Lenovo would have had 3 years onsite warranty.

I ended up returning Dell because i didn’t like the keyboard and it really has too few ports for my liking. I bought Lenovo T490S instead and been very happy with it.
With T490S you only need to disable Secure Boot to get the installer working.

Update bios

  1. Format USB-Stick to FAT32
  2. Download newest bios .exe
  3. Move .exe to FAT32 partition
  4. Boot, during Dell logo press F12
  5. Select BIOS Flash Update


Enable Thunderbolt Boot Support ( if using thunderbolt )

Boot, during Dell logo press F2.

In BIOS Settings -> System Configuration -> Thunderbolt Adapter Configuration

  • Enable Thunderbolt Boot Support
  • Enable Thunderbolt Pre-boot Modules

Edit Qubes installing media EFI ( if installation freezes )

Installation freezes before getting to Anaconda (Qubes 4.0)

Comment out the mapbs and noexitboot.


Install Qubes

UEFI on, Secure Boot disabled.

During installation touchpad didn’t work for me so i just used keyboard.

After installation

If Qubes freezes little bit everytime there is graphical change, tell Qubes to use newer kernel. Dom0 default kernel is quite old and doesn’t have newer hardware support.

[user@dom0 ~]$ sudo qubes-dom0-update kernel-latest


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